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I am so glad you want to know this answer, so did I before coming here to live in June 2002. I had no idea what it would be like to really live the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle, but I can tell you I am happier than ever before in my life. Praying, fasting, giving, forgiving, and so many other aspects of who I am is being enriched like never before. Being fully funded to live a life of prayer enables me to give 100% of my time and energy to the prayer movement. Now I get to walk out the calling God has on my life with excellence and humility. But it is not all about me why I have chosen to live like this. Now I am free to pray for those God has given me His heart for like never before. Yes, EVERYONE can and is supposed to pray, but how many of us truly have the desire to, and are able to sit before Him as a ministry, as a calling, for hour upon hour, and enjoy it! I know living out this calling is a gift that God alone can sustain. I was praying even before I was saved, and then for decades would spend as much time as I could just being with Him, and praying for those I love and others God would ask me to carry in my heart. I did that while working a full time job, and now prayer is my full time occupation. Over the years I would mentor others one on one who wanted to grow in intimacy with the Lord, and now I get to be a living example to hundreds of young people, teaching and training in the healing rooms, through teaching an Encountering Christ Within Class, and spending time with them like I never have been able to before coming here to Kansas City. I have so much to be thankful for entering my 9th year of this chosen life.


Being a full time Intercessory Missionary requires 24 hours in the prayer room, and 24 hours service in practical areas. Service areas have included ministering on healing and prophetic teams, greeting at services, cleaning (yes I do windows), helping in the warehouse the bookstore and front desk, making copies of handouts and teaching notes, working at the registration tables for conferences among other functions since I first came here. I participate with two of the weekly fasting teams, and am on three specific intercession teams for Cyrus Partners. I am the Healing Manager for Critically/Chronic Care including Leading and training and serving on special healing teams for visitors who come for ministry. I keep in contact with each one connected on the mission base, and I help ensure when they are unable to come in for prayer that teams go to hospitals and homes to be with them. I also manage the Prayer Basket in the Prayer room by praying personally over each request, and distributing those and the prayer requests that come in over the phone and to the web sites from all over the world, for a week of personal intercession by other missionaries here on the base Teaching an Encounter Christ Within Class every week on the mission base, and visitors from all over the world are taking back to their home churches principles and personal experience and introducing the reality of listening prayer! I get to join in with the intercession teams in praying for issues of justice and salvation and current events in a corporate atmosphere charged with faith. I am able during worship with the word sets to sit in adoration and minister to the Lord, as well as have focused times of intercession for those I carry in my YOU!


"There are many kinds of intercessors...I have been fashioned as one who can spend long hours in the Presence of God worshipping Him and praying for others...there are those He has fashioned as financial missionaries (here we call them MARKET PLACE MINISTERS) who have the skill and ability to make wealth and help fund the prayer movement. Both types (and others as well) are vital in furthering the great commission and hastening the return of the Lord!" "Contributions to IHOP-KC are income tax deductible to the extent allowable under applicable law. All contributions to IHOP-KC are made with the understanding that IHOP-KC has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds."


Debra Cossu 11112 Applewood Drive Kansas City, MO 64134

For Tax credit make payable to IHOP-KC.

God bless you for partnering with me on the mission field of prayer! Please do not place my name on the check. A simple sticky note with my name on it is all that is needed. If you would like to send a gift and do not require the tax deduction, please make the check out in my name. I would love to pray specifically for you, so also include any prayer requests or personal notes.