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Being an ordained Chaplain, living a lifestyle of a missionary on the field of prayer, has equipped me to serve in the community. All the time spent in worship and intercession and study, all the focus on heavenly matters, has truly prepared me and propelled me out into the community.

The training I have received, and the ongoing preparation classes and practical experience, is really giving me a passion for the lost. Now I can legally get behind the yellow line and serve those serving in disaster and crisis settings, as well as counsel those in grief situations.

I am preparing notes for an 8 week course on Grief Recovery, and the review is impacting my heart to be ready in season and out! There does not have to be a natural disaster occurring for me to pack up and go...all around I am finding there are lives in crisis, and I have the honor of bringing peace and hope that will be effective.

It's all about love...about Love Himself. With teaching the Encountering Christ Within class now twice a week, I am finding almost every day an opportunity to lead others into the Presence that will bind up broken hearts. This is a wonderful life.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or this is an area of need you would want me to come and share about in your church or ministry setting.


Missionary on the field of prayer,

Chaplain Debra-Louise Cossu

International House of Prayer in Kansas City

Healing Room Manager for Critical/Chronic Care

Instructor, Encountering Christ Within, a Contemplative Reality


Author, Longing for You, the Journey from Intercession to Intimacy


(816) 517-2072


Links: - A center for grieving children and their families