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"Longing for You" the BOOK


The primary call on my life is to be an intercessor. Debbie's book, "Longing for You," is confirmation that others are realizing what a joy it is to live a lifestyle of prayer. The reality of "going from intercession to intimacy" has occurred in her heart. It can happen in yours as well. She has written in such a simple and authentic style that the Voice of Love she listens to, can be heard clearly...

Sections pulled as appetizers for your heart from my book.


The analogy is used of a groom picking up his bride (getting to know how much He loves us), carrying her over the threshold (growing in love for Him), and setting her in place to function in this life (being an expression of His love to those around us). "Learning to pray is not about developing a skill, but discovering a Person...His Name is Jesus. This adventure of learning how to pray will bring you face to face with the One Who is the answer to every prayer ever prayed, even when tears were the only words."

Chapter One

"The light of His love will illuminate both the realties of the past and the imaginations about the future, granting you peace of mind that will guard your heart. Look to envision this scene with your heart. The bride is standing, dressed in readiness, waiting for the wedding to begin. She is looking out a bay window with her hand lifted pulling back the curtain, hoping to catch a glimpse of the grooms arrival. Her eyes are wide opened, and although it is a misty dawn she peers into, no amount of clouds will cause her to sit back down. "Longing" could be the name of this picture if put onto a canvas. However the bride is not the center of attention as you look. It is the Bridegroom. Christ is standing behind her, and His hand is imposed over hers, pulling back the curtain. The sun is shinning from behind Him though the window so as to cast His shadow over the Bride, and tears are flowing down His face. Oh yes, the Bride is looking, but dear one, it is the Groom who is longing. Jesus is longing for you!"

Chapter Two

"You begin to look forward instead of behind you. Peace, a covenant of peace, is springing from His love. The past has been taken care of, and there is hope for the future like never before. You are leaning upon Him as the bride did in the Song of Solomon. Coming up out of the ashes of the past you are freed from the vain imaginations of your own thoughts. You now realize, that the false realities presented as truth for the rest of your life, cannot affect your heart ever again."

Chapter Three

"You are now standing side by side. There is a vast sea of humanity right before you......You are beginning to realize that this life with Him is not going to be as predictable as it was when you would try to plan for yourself. Because He makes all things new, change is the only constant you will be familiar with from now on. You have poured out your love and devotion as a drink offering to Him, and now your life is going to become like living waters for a thirsty world."


Book Endorsements:

The Psalmist declared: "Whom have I in heaven but You? And earth has nothing I desire besides You." These words from Psalm 73:25 are also the testimony of Debbie Cossu. Her new book is an invitation to know the "Longing" heart of Jesus for you. This book is your appointment with the Lover of your soul.

Jay Comiskey, Vice-President,

Christian Broadcasting Network

Longing For You is a 21st century Song of Solomon. It speaks passionately and clearly to all who desire intimacy with Father God. The language of romance and a sense of God's heart are embedded throughout the lines of this appealing book. Debbie Cossu writes not as an observer of the King's majesty and the Bridegroom's loving strength, but as a seasoned intercessor. She presents her knowledge of God's heart in a compelling manner, which instructs and calls all who will listen. I heartily recommend this book for all who desire to walk in closer communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Bobby Hill, International Director,

Vanguard Ministries.

I have the privilege of co-enjoying Jesus in the International House of Prayer in Kansas City with Debbie. She bears the genuine traits of one touched by the lingering effects of the tender King who pursued us for love even unto death. Day after day she spends long hours before Him in loving meditation and fervent intercession. In Longing for You, she gives us a priestly offering by revealing precious treasures of both His heart for us, and the process by which He enables us, through prayer, to taste of love's delight when we begin to join in His labor for the salvation of the nations.

Allen Hood, Director of the Forerunner School of Ministry

Associate director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City

Every time I receive a note from Debbie Cossu (however short) I know it will require my utmost attention. Her writings are deep, difficult to penetrate at first glance, and if read too quickly may run the risk of being overlooked. This is a great book to muse over, and reflect upon.

Jason Upton,

Key of David Ministries